F.A.Q s

What is Vestige?

Vestige is an Indian Direct Selling Company operating their business in 4 Countries.

What is Supreem Store?

Supreem Store belongs to a Vestige Distributor          (M B RAO – 86594126) and is a quick service provider for their Vestige Customers in India.

What Vestige does?

Vestige provides you a Distributor ID number. They maintain your purchase orders, provide incentive points, bonus and offers as per their Business model.

What Supreem Store does?

Supreem Store uses your Vestige ID, purchases products on your behalf and delivers it to you at the Shipment delivery address registered in Supreem Store site.

What are the Vestige details required for availing Supreem Store’s Service?

Your Vestige Distributor ID number, registered Email ID, Mobile number and shipping address.

Can I purchase products directly from Vestige by using my Distributor ID?

Yes, you can purchase anywhere in the world at Vestige Branch Offices / DLCP / Mini-DLCP /DCC / Vestige POS and also at Vestige Best Deal Stores and Online Portal.



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Is there any product return policy?

Yes, To know more about Product Return Policy click the below link.

Return Policy
Who can place orders from Supreem Store?
Our friends and relatives who have Vestige ID and registered in Supreem Store can place orders.
Why should I buy Vestige products?
Vestige has genuine, own manufactured innovative and chemical free FMCG products in Personal care, Healthcare, Cosmetics, etc at market price. As a Distributor of Vestige, you are entitled of incentive points and can purchase at Distributor price.
Can I buy the products without Vestige Distributor ID?
With minimum first purchase you become an active Vestige Distributor so we recommend you to buy products with Vestige Distributor ID only since you get benefits like Purchase Discounts, Monthly Offers, Gift Vouchers, Level Upgraded Incentive Points, Vestige Best Deal Offers, Lucky Draws to your mobile number and Business Opportunity too.
How is Supreem Store benefited as a Service provider?
Supreem Store is also one of the Distributors of Vestige. It reaches out to more customers, increases the turnover of Vestige products and gets more incentive points.
Why Supreem Store Now?
As a loyal Vestige customer since 2012, we used to provide info about various products with catalogs to my downlines for making repurchases. Nowadays all are busy, to keep them updated with New Products, Promos, Offers available in Vestige, we are using this Supreem site as a platform to get Repurchase Orders for their Vestige Distributor ID’s and also we are providing service to their Shipping address.
If I want to do Vestige as a part time Business, who will Guide me?
Vestige company is providing you with Office Space, Meetings and Product Training for free to take up Vestige as a part-time Business Opportunity. Supreem Store also helps you to grow to the next level in business.